Our Story

In the heart of Barcelona, Helena's vibrant painting and sip project marked the beginning of something extraordinary. She planted the seeds of creativity, while Isabel recognized the project's potential upon relocating to Switzerland. Together, they envisioned a space where individuals could connect, make friends, and explore their creativity.
Picture this: Zürich, where Art and Vogue found its groove, catering to those seeking more than just party scenes. Whether you're a creative spirit, a curious learner, or just looking for a chill vibe, we've got you covered.
Art and Vogue is not just a workshop platform; it's a haven for developing feminine energy, experimenting with new skills, discovering your creative spark and making friends along the way.
Join us on this journey of fun, self-discovery, and building connections in the heart of Switzerland—where creativity knows no bounds, and friendships are made with a side of laughter!

Meet Our Team

Social Media Manager
Art Instructor
Co-Founder & Project Manager
Co-Founder & Creative Director